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Unibet Creates Stand-alone Poker Software

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Kimberly Goshterson

PokerTracking sessions and opponents’ tendencies is a necessary part of improvement for any poker player. Developer Alessandro Roaro has released Poker Notes Live, a free app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that can be used to record poker notes in a live game. The app accepts input of a great deal of information, including player names, chip counts, plays, and tendencies, as well as your own buy in, win/loss, and other useful statistics.

The user interface should look familiar to anyone who’s played a game of online poker. After selecting a theme for your table and choosing your seat, you can then place up to 8 other players and input their names, chip counts, and a picture. The app can also track win percentages and hands played percentages for each player.

The usefulness of this app and the plethora of information it retains is tempered by several factors. All note taking is done manually, which can be tedious on the iPhone or iPod touch. Also, the Premium version of the app is required to keep a database of your notes and player histories, and it costs $9.99 on the iTunes Store. Without it, you’ll lose all your notes when you start a new table. A few more differences between the free and Premium versions are in this review. Finally, there is the overwhelming caveat that phones are typically not allowed at poker tables in most card rooms. Since mp3 players are usually okay, some casino staff might be willing to let the iPod touch version slide, but it seems as though this app will be best suited for home games and informal gatherings.

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