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San Diego Poker Syndicate: An Overview

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Kimberly Goshterson

The San Diego poker syndicate is a gaming community that conducts poker game series periodically. The winner of the series gets to participate in the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP)tournament. Everybody can take part in the series conducted by the syndicate, regardless of whether they’re a beginner in the game or an expert.


The syndicate’s poker seriesPoker


The syndicate hosted it’s ninth poker series this year, and the winner of the series was Jacob Beck, who played smashingly well and moved on to play in the WSOP tournament.

The syndicate is popular for conducting the well-known series with the strictest of regulations. A tournament can have up to 70 players. The main rule of the game is that all players who want to compete in the WSOP tournament must participate in at least five games. When they do it, they receive their shares from the syndicate.

The series consists of a total of twenty tournaments. When the tournaments come to an end, each player’s individual score is calculated by adding his/her twelve best scores out of twenty. The player who earns the highest overall score is declared the winner of the series, and gets a $10,000 entry to the WSOP. The player also wins a cash prize of $500.


Something for everyone


The players who come in the next 8-9 places in the series aren’t left out of the main game; they get a WSOP tournament entry of $1,500 to $2,500. These players win a guaranteed cash award of $250 each. The rest of the players in the syndicate series who finish within the Top 22 get to compete in another game conducted by the syndicate, where they can win a $1,500 or a $1,000 entry into the main tournament. Even the players who are just participating in the series have the chances of winning several bonus prizes. 

If nothing, you at least get an opportunity to meet several big poker names in the industry by just participating in the syndicate.


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