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The Etiquette of Blackjack Comments Off on The Etiquette of Blackjack

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Kimberly Goshterson


BlackjackYou may think that blackjack is a one-on-one game, just you against the dealer. That only applies when it is just the two of you at the table.

If you approach an active table and sit down, most often the other players will expect a certain conduct from you. As a beginner, you undoubtedly will hear groans and grumbles if you make decisions based on instinct in lieu of the so-called steadfast rules of the game.

In addition, if you take the last seat on the right, you become the anchor of the table. This is a strategic position, and the other players will expect you to behave accordingly. It is wise to know a bit about the game before you take any seat at the table, particularly the anchor position.

Blackjack is a casino game unlike roulette or slots where you can increase your odds by following a strategy. The playing tactics stem around the rule that dealers must hit if they hold 16 or less.

The three main plays are splits, double-downs, and regular hits or stands.

A few quick and dirty tips to follow are:

• Always split aces and eights.
• Never split fours, fives, or tens.
• Dealer’s card is seven up to a King; you hit up until 17.
• Dealer’s card is four, five, or six; you hit until 12, and double down on 9, 10, and 11.
• Dealer’s card is a three; you hit until 13 and double down on 9, 10, and 11.
• Dealer’s card is a two; you hit until 13, but do not risk a double down.

The game is more complicated than this, but by following this simple set of rules, you are most likely going to stay in good standing with the other players at the table. If you play a few games and find you love the excitement of blackjack, you may want to dive deeper into strategic waters by reading a book or studying some charts.

You can find a chart at the following link:

Check out this Youtube video for tips on learning to play blackjack:

For more information on blackjack for beginners, try this link:

Blom and Profit are in a Free Fall! Comments Off on Blom and Profit are in a Free Fall!

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Kimberly Goshterson


Fan favorite and online poker phenom, Viktor Blom is the personification of the word variance. Known for an ultra aggressive style, Isildur1 has bankroll fluctuations that make professional players gasp in disbelief. Two startling facts about his performance this year illustrates the contrast between himself and others. At one point, his profits for the year eclipsed the five million mark. This week showed the antithesis in that he lost a whopping $1.89 million within a time frame of just seven days.His style of play seems to still be paying dividends as he still remains over five hundred thousand dollars to the good for the year. This current downswing is normal to all players who log a substantial number of hands. Variance can be delayed but in the long term never completely out ran.

Gun Shy

Those two words are rarely associated with Viktor. Yet in a notable hand in the current down swing, he fails to stack off an opponent who would have shipped it all. His opponent is Alex Milar and has Viktor covered at the table. The board runs out to the turn where Alex’s lone jack is met with two more jacks on the board. Isildur calls all the way down to the river. An innocent deuce bricks the river unless you are holding pocket deuces which Viktor is. Blom leads after his opponent checks. Alex check raises and a milder Blom just calls holding a full house.

Sessions of Six Figure Loses

The entire week was plagued by crippling loses in most every session. The bloodshed was not confined to just one day. Out ran and paying off best described the events in Viktor’s downswing. The few hands in which he was a prohibitive favorite has was ruthlessly ran down. Value bets and over bets were both paid off in alarming frequency.

This is the life and times of one of the most vibrant and energetic poker players on the planet. Viktor himself best sums it up on his twitter account, “In some sick way, down swings are good because they force me to try even harder to outrun them. still sick tho 🙂 .“ It seems that railbirds will be entertained for many more months by Mr. Viktor Blom.

Read more about Viktor

New Gambling eBook for Blackjack Players Comments Off on New Gambling eBook for Blackjack Players

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Kimberly Goshterson

Casino UK, a favourite venue for gamblers and casual casino players, announces a brand new gambling eBook. “Blackjack: From Start to Strategy” is a comprehensive guide to the popular casino game, and patrons can download it for free on the casino website.

Blackjack ebook casino uk

Blackjack may well be the most popular casino game in the world. Eighteenth-century gamblers called the game “vingt-en-un,” a French word for “twenty one.” That name is still widely used in casinos today.

“Everyone loves blackjack. The basic game strategy covers all eventualities of play,” said Connor Reeves, the Casino UK ambassador. “This is what makes blackjack such an appealing casino game,” he explained.

“Blackjack: From Start to Strategy” is a good way to learn how to play and win at blackjack. The free eBook explains every aspect of the game including the table, dealer, jargon, hit or stand, basic strategy and more. It also introduces the reader to several blackjack greats.

Casino UK patrons can visit to download “Blackjack: From Start to Strategy.” A simple share to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn will activate the free download.

Casino UK is a proud member of Vegas Partner Lounge, a group of online casinos authorized by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

Learn more about the UK’s leading casino and download the free gambling guides.



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The Las Vegas Of Asia Comments Off on The Las Vegas Of Asia

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Kimberly Goshterson

bonusonlinecasinosSome may say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that could soon be changing to what happens in Macau stays in Macau. This is considered “The Las Vegas of Asia”. It is the gambling hub of that continent, and it is expanding rapidly.

The Las Vegas Of Asia

The whole Macau area is packed with casinos as well as great places to eat and get a taste of the culture in general. Some say that the area is more Vegas than Vegas itself because of the virtual monopoly on gambling that this particular area has. However, it is not just the gambling that is drawing people in. Much like Las Vegas, people are being drawn in by the hotels and other places where they can be entertained while they are there.

There are numerous reasons why someone might like to go to the Macau area while they are in Asia. Even aside from all of the glamour, the Macau area has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history.

Bring In The Investors

Investors are particularly interested in this area as a place where they can make a lot of money. Asian culture has a particularly strong belief in the power of luck and also a strong history of gambling in general. This means that there is potentially a lot of money to be made in this region. The strong shopping and other economic development in Macau make it exciting as well. This is not even to mention the very obvious larger population that Asia has in comparison to North America.

Growth At A Rapid Pace

It has not been unnoticed by many in the area that the growth is something to pay close attention to. The buildings have gone up fast, but there are still a number of people who work in the same rural way that they have for centuries. It is a clash of old ways or working and new ones. It is expected that the new ways of working will overtake the others. People who have lived in this area in poverty for a long time can start to build up a new life for themselves and make more money than they ever have before. It is something that can help bring them more wealth than ever. Outsiders and those who already live there are able to benefit from it.

Check out the casino today.

Blackjack Money Management Comments Off on Blackjack Money Management

Posted on October 04, 2013 by Kimberly Goshterson


blackjackWhen playing Blackjack, money management is at a premium. This needs to be done for two reasons, the first of which is that you simply need to manage your own finances so that you never bet more than you can afford to lose. The second reason is that you have to manage your gambling money appropriately, giving yourself the best chance to win and allowing you to stay in the game longer. The following tips will help you.

Never Bet It All

Throwing down all of your money on a single hand can be an attractive, high-reward idea, but it comes with far too much risk. Sure, you could win a lot, but you could lose it all in seconds. Never bet it all at once, no matter how confident you feel that you will win.

Do Not Double Losing Bets

Some people like to double up their bets when they lose. They want to make back what they just lost and take in more. This sounds nice from the outside since you can get your money back, but the truth is that you are much more likely to lose again. Even small starting bets, when doubled two or three times, can create huge losses.

Tips for Blackjack Money Management

If your hands are hot and you are winning, add 50% to your bet after a second win. For example, if you bet $10 twice in a row and won them both, bet $15 the next time. This way, you can maximize your winnings while you are hot and then drop back to the table minimum, minimizing your losses, when your hands go cold.

Break Even and Set Aside the Money

If you start with $100, make your initial goal to win $100, doubling your money. If you do, rather than playing with the $200, put the first $100 back in your wallet and start over with the new $100. You are now playing with the house money. If you win, you can earn a lot; if you lose, you are not really losing anything.

Stick to Your Loss Limits

If you tell yourself that you are going to quit if you lose $100, make sure that you do it. Set a limit before you play and stick to it. This keeps you from panicking as things go south and losing far more than you intended to lose.


Learn more about playing blackjack click here.

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