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Lock Poker Makes Deposit Changes

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Kimberly Goshterson


SkrillAre you considering playing poker on the Lock Poker platform? That is all fine and well, but you need to consider the fact that the site has suspended its acceptance of Skrill payments.

Skrill Suspended

The poker website has said that it is suspending this type of deposit so that it may focus in on clearly up some of the issues that certain players have had with getting their withdrawals resolved. Players are suspended from depositing via Skrill onto the site, but they are still allowed to withdrawal their money via this method for the time being.

What Is Skrill?

Skrill is an online payment processor that operates within Europe. It helps European customers get their money onto these and other types of sites. A spokesperson from Skrill has confirmed though that the company will no longer be in operations with Lock Poker other than processing withdrawal requests made by players looking to get their money.

Not Uncommon

It is something that various poker sites do from time to time. They either change their policy or make other adjustments in order to change the way they accept deposits and process withdrawals. It is not entirely uncommon for a poker website to suspend or even eliminate certain ways of depositing money onto their site.

Lock Poker Under Fire

Lock Poker has been under fire from customers complaining that they are not being treated fairly by the site because the site is taking a long time to process their payments. Thus, it appears that the site has decided to stop accepting deposits via this method to have one less thing to worry about while they focus in on processing the payouts that they are supposed to be getting to. Is this actually what Lock Poker has in mind? That is impossible to say. Hopefully the company will be true to their word and actually work on getting payouts done, but that is anyone’s guess at this point.

Only time will tell if Lock Poker cleans up its act, but for now players will not be able to deposit via Skrill.

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