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Harut Arutyunyan Wins $576,369

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Kimberly Goshterson

Harut Arutyunyan WinsBeating all other players over six days of poker, Harut Arutyunyan won the WTP Legends of Poker tournament and the prize money that came with it – a staggering sum of $576,369. The fact that this was the first major win for Arutyunyan after having earned not much from his previous plays makes this news even more interesting.


The tournament

The event was in Los Angeles, at the Bicycle Casino, and the player pool as well as the crowd were good. A buy-in of $3500 for the main event made way for a very lucrative prize pool.

It was not as if Harut Arutyunyan won because there were no big names at the event.

Seasoned players David Chiu, Ryan Reiss, Andy Fankenberger, and others were at the event. In fact, the final table consisted of players such as Taylor McFarland, Tyler Kenney and others. However, it was Mike Eskandari who lasted until the end along with Arutyunyan. It was head to head as the game was just between these two and lasted really long. Even though Eskandari had the lead at first, which he lost and gained and so on, it was Arutyunyan who had the winning hand in the end.


The prizes

Along with the huge sum Harut Arutyunyan won for winning the main event, his win automatically gave him a place in another WTP event happening in Atlantic City. Of course, there were other prizes such as a watch and gold headphones and a trophy from Bicycle Casino. Then, there was also the WTP trophy that he won for this event.

However, the sweetest of all, other than the prize money of course, was the engraving of his name on the Champions Cup of WTP. This cup has names of all the winners from the past championships and now, Harut Arutyunyan joins their ranks, as well.


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