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20th Anniversary for the UK Lottery This Year

Posted on December 11, 2014 by Kimberly Goshterson

20th Anniversary celebration National Lottery in the United Kingdom celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. There were a lot of skeptics when the National Lottery started up in 1994, but they have been won over by the fantastic projects that are funded by this system.

National Lottery Funded Projects:

The past 20 years may have seen hundreds of people win big at the National Lottery, but that is not where the main focus should lie. Along with gifting people the dream of winning a million pounds or more, the lottery has helped countless charities, organizations and non profits in the UK.

For example, the Lylac Ridger Learning Centre in Wales would not exist without money from the National Lottery. This center helps people of all ages who have learning difficulties.

The North Tyneside Art Studoio and the Everyman Playhouse Theatre on Mereyside are two art projects that have received generous funding from the National Lottery. Not only do these centres create brilliant art, but they also help young people who are passionate about drawing, painting or performing.

It may not be well publicized, but the National Lottery played a crucial role in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. Millions of pounds went from the National Lottery to sports organizations, teams in training, Olympic sites and other sports organizations.

Big Lottery Fund:

One of the best examples of the good that a lottery system can do is the Big Lottery Fund. Started in 2004, the Big Lottery Fund takes up around 40% of the profits that are made from the sale of lottery tickets. This money is distributed throughout England to its neediest citizens and communities.

Experts estimate that close to 100 million pounds will have been donated to charities, shelters, hostels, and other community projects throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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