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2015 World Poker Championship Win Goes to Connif

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Kimberly Goshterson

The Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa has held this year’s World Poker Tour Championship again this year, which is the second time in a row they’ve done so. There was a big turn out there, too, as the main event (no limit hold ’em) drew in a total of 239 entries. There can only be one winner, though, and this year, that goes to the New York based poker player Asher Connif. He won a whopping $973,683 as well as over 1,150 points as Card Player for Player of the Year.


The Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa has held this year's World Poker Tour Championship.


 Asher Connif

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Conif, as just two weeks ago he had just won at the Borgata Spring Poker Open for $1 million. For this earlier event, he got through a field of over 2,400 entries to earn a grand total of $203,231 and over 500 player of the year points.


He Never Even Meant to Play

Connif stated that he never even meant to play the World Poker Tour event (which is a $15,000 buy in). He was attempting to play a weekly Sunday event on a New Jersey based poker site and accidentally registered for a satellite into the championship. After winning a seat, he even had to cancel his upcoming vacation plans.


Playing with the Pros

It seems as though it all worked out for the best in the end. Connif worked his way through the lower brackets before finally getting into the televised finale of six players. These were tough competitors to beat, as they included poker legends of the likes of Carlos Mortensen, Tony Dunst, and Brian Yoon. It came down to him and Alexander Lakhov in the final match of the no limit hold ’em championship.

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